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DPMT (Dynamic Portfolio Matrix Tool) in action

How use the DPMT prototype

  • 1. Download the DPMT prototype here.

  • 2. Unzip the folder.

  • 2. Unzip the folder.

  • 3. Convert your excel file into a JSON data string. For this, open the first fold-er “1_Excel-to-JSON”. Open “index.html” by double clicking. The Excel to JSON converter opens in your browser. We recommend using the Firefox browser. That is where the prototype has been tested.

  • 4. Upload your excel data by drag and drop or click the button select a file. To see how the structure of the Excel file has to be use the excel template.

  • 5. Copy the JSON string from and with the first “{“ to the last “}”.

  • 6. Close the window you are not going to need it anymore.

  • 7. Go back to the unzipped folder and open “2_DPMT” and double click “sample_data.json”. Select and delete everything. Now paste the JSON string you copied from before in the file and save it. Close the file.

  • 8. Open “DPMT.html” in the folder “2_DPMT”. The DPMT is now in your browser and the animation starts automatically.

  • 9. If you want to change the animated data set, you simply repeat the con-verting and copy pasting process and refresh or reopen the “DMPT.html”.